In our Transportation Practice, the attorneys at Nielsen, Zehe & Antas, P.C. have represented companies across the United States, including owners and insurers of carriers, brokers and freight forwarders. The cases handled by Nielsen, Zehe & Antas, P.C. have involved the storage and transportation of all types of products and materials, ranging anywhere from ice cream, dry goods, raw materials, paper products, seafood, chocolate, printing presses, power equipment and liquor.

The attorneys at Nielsen, Zehe & Antas, P.C. have been involved in some of the largest warehouse losses in the country, including:

-A fire at a 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin that stored a variety of paper products and burned for two weeks before it was fully extinguished.

-A multi-million dollar theft of frozen seafood products in Texas that involved security issues.

-A $100 million arson fire at a wine warehouse in California that involved over 50 plaintiffs.

-Series of ammonia leaks at a refrigerated warehouse in Indianapolis, Indiana that caused extensive product damage.

-Multiple claims involving storage rack collapses.

-Property damage claims involving natural disasters including, flood, wind and earthquake.

-A claim for missing space program equipment involving unique damage evaluation issues.

The attorneys at Nielsen, Zehe & Antas, P.C. have also been involved in transportation losses, including:

-An accident involving a carrier that caused significant property and personal injury damages wherein the carrier was exposed to significant uninsured loss.

-Damage to a super heater loaded on a railcar during an unauthorized movement.

-Multiple cases involving rollovers of tractor trailers causing personal injury and property damage.

-Failure to properly secure cargo.

-Temperature abuse claims for property in transit on trucks, containers, railcars and airliners

-Damage to earth moving equipment after hitting a highway overpass.

-Theft of unsecured trailers containing cigarettes and applicability of insurance coverage.

-A chemical spill on an interstate involving improperly secured cargo.

-Represented one of the largest trailer leasing companies in the Unites States for recovery and property damage of trailers and containers.

-A dispute over a track maintenance agreement involving personal and property damage.