A significant percentage of the cases we handle involve subrogation and loss recovery. Our subrogation attorneys have one goal: to maximize the amount of subrogation recovery dollars for our clients. We have recovered millions of dollars for numerous large and small insurance carriers and self-insureds. Our primary focus is both workers’ compensation and property losses.  We prosecute cases in federal and state courts throughout the United States.

-Subrogation Programs and Services
We are proud to have national and regional subrogation recovery programs with several major insurance carriers. The programs allow us to provide our clients with early and cost effective investigation and analysis of their losses, including the retention and direction of experts, on-site examinations, retention of evidence and notification of potential defendants. However, in addition to our recovery programs, we provide representation on a "case-by-case" basis and review older files to determine if claims that were previously closed have subrogation potential. We can also assist you in implementing subrogation programs within your company and provide the necessary training for a successful program. In fact, our attorneys are frequently called upon to give seminars in varying technical and legal aspects of the subrogation process to improve a company's overall recovery effort.

-Prompt Investigation
We strongly believe that a case can be won or lost in the hours after a loss occurs. Therefore, prompt recognition of, and investigation of subrogation potential are tantamount to maximizing your recovery dollars. To this end, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide immediate investigation and coordination of experts, especially on catastrophic losses. We also maintain a complete database of cause and origin and forensic engineers. Many of these experts have been retained by our firm in the past or have been adverse to our clients so we are aware of their skills, abilities and specialties.

The attorneys handling the subrogation cases at the firm have substantial experience investigating and prosecuting subrogation cases, having handled hundreds of subrogation losses and recovering millions of dollars for our clients. The attorneys have a thorough understanding of the practical, technical and legal issues that arise in subrogation cases and can therefore aggressively prosecute each case, often to a successful recovery. We are proud of our success in obtaining significant recoveries through negotiated settlements, arbitration and mediation, as well as the several "million-dollar plus" verdicts that we have obtained.

-Nationwide Subrogation Practice
Our attorneys have subrogation recovery experience in every state in the country. In addition to our nationwide network of screened experts, we maintain a network of local counsel throughout the nation. These are local attorneys that we know and have worked with successfully in the past. By retaining us as your subrogation counsel, you can be confident that you have the most experienced subrogation counsel, without the worry of finding the right local attorney. This is especially useful in situations where a jurisdiction may only have "defense" attorneys that do not have the expertise and perspective to make a successful subrogation recovery.

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We handle a wide array of property subrogation cases ranging from high profile commercial losses, most recently a $63 million dollar verdict we obtained for our client in a catastrophic collapse of a recently constructed storage system at a printing facility, to more moderate-sized commercial and personal lines losses. Our extensive experience includes handling property losses arising from fires, explosions, structural collapses, gas and water leaks, inland marine, cargo and fidelity subrogation. We invite you to learn more about our recent property subrogation recovery successes.

Please contact Erik Nielsen or Craig Antas for additional information.

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Workers' Compensation
Several of our attorneys are nationally recognized as workers' compensation subrogation experts. In addition to handling workers' compensation recovery cases in all 50 states, we regularly speak on jurisdictional trends and lien recovery strategy at National Association of Subrogation Professionals conferences and client in-house training seminars. Our expertise includes specialized knowledge of the varying and complex workers' compensations laws that we interpret on a case by case basis to determine the best strategy for maximum and timely recovery; whether by the direct filing of an action, intervening in a pending action, defending lien reduction claims or monitoring litigation. We handle cases under both time and expense and contingent fee arrangements to ensure cost-effective and practical lien resolution based on individual client needs. We invite you to learn more about our recent workers' compensation subrogation recovery successes.

Please contact Christy Schaefer or Robert Lentz for additional information.

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